Note: Users will need the permission "Member Administration/Configuration" to set password restrictions.


Within the application, you have the ability to set up a few basic password restrictions and login requirements. More specifically, you can enforce password length, password update time-frame, and Two Factor Authentication requirements.


How to set password restrictions for account

Log into ZenQMS and select the Settings icon found along left-hand panel on the Main Dashboard. This will open up the Settings and Administration section:

settings icon.png

Click on the "Administration" tab: 


Click Member Account:

member account.png

On the General Preferences tab, scroll down to the section titled Password Restrictions:


Under this section, you can set a minimum password length, a maximum number of months allowed before user has to create a new password, and whether or not all users your account will require to turn on two-factor authentication for enhanced security.


Make sure to click "Save" after you finish updating each of these settings. 

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