NEW Resetting a Password, Updating a Security Question, and Enabling 2-Factor Authentication

This article will tell you where to go to change your password, update your security question, and enable 2-factor authentication.

If you do not remember your login information and/or have been "Locked Out" due to too many failed attempts, you will need to email  or your internal admin to reset your password.  You will then receive an email with instructions on what to do next. 

PLEASE NOTE - If you use an SSO/SAML you will need to contact your internal admin


1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on your name in the upper righthand corner and choose "Profile" from the dropdown 

3. Click on "mySettings" on the lefthand side

4. Click on "Password" or "Security" (whichever action you are trying to perform) and follow the below instructions

 PASSWORD RESET - If you are locked out, ZenQMS Support or your internal admin have reset it for you


1. When resetting your password, you will be required to meet the requirements listed. As your password meets these requirements, the font will turn from red to green. You will not be able to change the password unless all criteria have turned green

2. To complete these changes, click "I Agree to These Terms - Save My Changes"

3. A modal box will pop up letting you know that the password has been successfully changed

4. You will then be required to set a security challenge question. You are able to choose the question and the answer.

5. Click "Save"



1. Click on "Enable". A window pops up asking you for your cell phone number. Enter your cell number and click "Save".


Enabling 2-Factor for the Whole Company

PERMISSION = "Member Administration/Configuration"

A user with the correct permissions has the ability to enable 2-Factor Authentication for the whole company. Two facts to know:

*If you enable it for the whole company, every user will have to use it. You are not able to choose specific users.

*Once enabled, all users will be required to set up the authentication when they log in

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