• In ZenDesk, on the ticket page, start off by identifying the user's company
    • A lot of users will have their company in an email signature
    • Another trick is to look at the users email address which could provide some hints
    • If you are having trouble identifying the users specific site, use the zac workaround (see Zac Tips [Link])
    • Also put the ticket in context, if you know that a specific site is rolling out the application/modules, there is a chance that site is the most likely culprit, etc...
  • Then identify the item that needs to be changed in the Qsheet
    • You'll know that this is a Qsheet update because the request will ask you to change or modify something about a Site, such as an address or name
      • Not to get confused with site changes for issues, this ticket only involves the site; it does not involve any modules

* Note the user's company is Zoetis, we won't use this information to make the Qsheet change, but will need it for the approval process

  • Log into the ZenQMS app
    • Make sure that the URL starts with https//app.
    • You will be in the live app so be careful, changes will have meaningful impact

  • In the Search Bar at the bottom of the page, fill in the Site Name and click on the correct site from the list
    • Since a lot of Qsheets share common characters in their names, you may have to type out most, if not the entire site name


  • On the site's Qsheet, click on the Update Site Info button on the left side towards the top of the page


  • In the Update Site Info pop out, update the appropriate field with the information from the ticket and then click the Submit Changes button
    • Most of these changes will involve the Site Name or Map Location (address)

  • This will prompt a message that the changes have been submitted for review, you still need to approve the changes that you just made, click the Ok button

  • Click on the ZenQMS logo in the top left corner
    • The ZenQMS logo always takes the user back to the Dashboard view


  • Go to the Administration tab
  • Under the Administration tab choose QAB from the left-hand navigation
  • In the QAB section, select the Member Manag. tab


  • In the table, click on the Qsheet Update Requests column header 2 times
    • This will cause the table to sort by number of Qsheet Update Requests from highest to lowest by client
    • You will be able to tell that this was done properly because there will be a white down arrow to the right of the column header
  • In the Member Name column, find the corresponding user company and click on the Number located in the Qsheet Update Requests column
    • You identified the user's company in the first step, this may not be the same as the Qsheet company


  • In the Pending Member Sites Updates, you will find a list of Qsheet updates that have been submitted for approval; navigate to your approval request and click the blue Review hyperlink
    • Best practice is always to review the approval request to confirm that the changes are correct

  • Click on the pdf download at the bottom of the screen and review the update request
    • Note that some users don’t actually update the Qsheet but write comments or suggestions in this section

  • If the change is correct, click the blue Approve hyperlink
    • If the change is not correct, click the blue Reject hyperlink and repeat the process

  • You've completed the app environment section of this request
  • In ZenDesk, go back to the ticket request
  • While in the ticket, on the left-hand side, change the Client* drop down to the corresponding client
  • There isn't a set macro response to this ticket request, so you will have to respond to the client accordingly
    • Best practice is to make sure the client is happy with your solution/believes that it solved his or her problem so ask!

  • Click the drop down arrow on the Submit button (located at the bottom right-hand side of the page) and change the status to Solved

* The ticket above was previously completed, but the reply shows the proper response given previous workflow

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