Note: Users will need the permission "Can Add New OJT Events" to create OJT Events and the permission "Can Set a Training Item as Compliant / Non-Compliant For Any User" to mark trainees complaint on OJT Events.


OJT is an event type that behaves more like a document because it can be set to recurring training intervals and assigned to a course. OJT events differ from Group or Personal events in one key way, they don't need to be formally approved to be assigned/used. The other critical point about OJT Events is that users do not sign off on these events. OJT compliance is set by a trainer (who owns the OJT Event) or a user with the correct permissions, who can select the attendee for an OJT event and mark them compliant. You can force selected users to retrain on OJT events.


As mentioned above, users who attend this event do not sign off that they have attended, this will be done by an instructor or a person who has the right permission to mark them as compliant.  If this is an event that they do not have edit access to, they will not be able to mark anyone as compliant.  


Creating an OJT Event

Log into ZenQMS. Click on the Training Module tab. From the My Training Dashboard drop down, select Training: Events:


Click "add_ojt_button.png". Enter an OJT Event Topic Name and click Create:

add ojt event.png

The OJT Event management/review window will open with the content and settings for the new OJT event:


You will be able to write a description, set a retraining interval to make this a recurring event, set a training grace period, and add file attachments, if needed.

Scroll down to the Assigned Trainees section and click on the Manage Assigned Trainees button to assign Users to the OJT Event:



Marking Trainees Compliant on an OJT Event

Once the event/training has been completed and the user(s) have attended, you can mark them as compliant by:


  • Opening the event from the Training Events Full Table and clicking on the "Manage Assigned Trainees" button. 
  • Select the users who have competed the training using the check boxes.
  • Click on the "Group Actions" button and click on "make_select_users_comp.png":

Screenshot 2024-02-27 at 9.24.02 AM.png

  •  You will then be asked to execute a e-signature to sign-off on this action.  This is the signature that is appended to the audit trail and the user's training certificate.  

Once a user(s) have been marked as compliant, you can click on "OJT.png" to be marked as At Risk and establish a new due date:


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  • Is there a way to attach a training certificate to the individuals who's attended the training? Or do I have to attach all the training certificates to the training event itself?

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  • Hi Rebecca,

    Happy to help, you would need to attach the external training certificates to the actual training event.



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