For audits, two of the text block sections (Audit Report Body and Audit Report Closeout) allow you to use Form Templates. When selected, these templates will populate all configuration settings and text values within the specific text block. Overall, form templates can significantly improve the time required and accuracy when completing issue investigations. 


1. Log into the ZenQMS

2. Navigate to Settings > Administration

3. Click Configuration on the lefthand side, located under Site Management

4. Select the Form Templates tab

5. Either click  or select an existing template from the drop-down menu


6. Select a template type from the drop-down

* For the Audits module, you will select either Audit Report Body or Audit Report Closeout

7. Name the template

8. Update the text box editor or Load an Existing File

* If you choose to Load an Existing File, our team recommends using the Paste HTML Code  method rather than selecting a file to upload

9. Click Save Changes



When you are working on an audit, to use a form template, you will need to:

1. Navigate to either the Audit Report tab or Audit Close Out window.

2. Above the text block, click the Insert Template hyperlink, then choose the correct template. The text block should automatically update.

*If you select the incorrect template, you will need to delete all text from the text block before selecting the correct template.

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