How to Add or Change Logo

NOTE: Users will need the permission "Member Administration/Configuration" to add/change a logo.

Our application allows client's to upload their corporate logos. Please note that these logos will appear throughout the application for all of the client's users. 

How to Add/Change a Company Logo:

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Select the "Settings" icon found along left-hand panel from the Main Dashboard. This will open up the Settings and Administration section:

settings icon.png

3. Click on the "Administration" tab at the top:


4. Click "Member Account" on the left hand side:

member account.png

5. On the "General Preferences" tab, scroll down to the section titled "Upload/Manage Member Logo". Click "Upload":


Note: PNG, JPG, and GIF images less than 4mb are supported and can be cropped as needed. All images will be re-sized with locked proportions to maximum of 135 pixels wide and/or 40 pixels tall 

6. In the "Upload Image" window, click "Select File".

7. You may need to crop the logo in order for it to meet the notes detailed above. After you've selected the appropriate range, click "Crop".

8. Your corporate logo should now appear under the "Upload/Manage Member Logo" section and also appear on all pages at the top left corner:

logo 1.png

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