Note: Users will need the permission "Member Administration/Configuration" to enable account backups.


The backup function creates a downloadable zip file organized by folder for all core modules that includes: PDF formats of the latest docs or exports of selected items (e.g. audits, issues, CAPAs, dossiers) & CSV exports of most data fields from these tables as you would see them in the application. Currently, the backup does NOT include courses, events, and users tables. This back up utility offers you a means for creating a local backup of all account data beyond the robust disaster recovery protocols that ZenQMS deploys to ensure business continuity. Enabling this option will create a single zip file containing: PDFs of all your exported files (e.g., Documents, Issues, Actions, etc.) and CSV files of all critical tables in the applications (e.g., Controlled Files table, etc.).


How to Enable an Account Backup

Log into ZenQMS and select the Settings icon found along left-hand panel from the Main Dashboard. This will open up the Settings and Administration section:

settings icon.png

Click on the Administration tab at the top:


Click Member Account:

member account.png

On the General Preferences tab, scroll down to the section titled Account Backup. Click Enable Account Backup:

account back up.png

Set the Backup Frequency:


Select a designated user to receive the Email Notification that the backup is complete:

backup email.png

Make sure to click Save after you finish updating these settings:



Note: You can request an immediate backup by clicking "Request Immediate Backup"


The designated user will be notified when a backup is concluded.  They can then log in and click the most recent back up to download the ZIP file:  

download backup.png 

Here is an example of the folder unzipped:



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