Viewing Your User Groups & Permissions

Knowing what "User Groups" you are in and what "Permissions" you have can be very helpful. The instructions below show you where you can find this information.  Click here to get better understand of the ZenQMS permissions.

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on your name in the upper righthand corner and choose "Profile" from the dropdown 

3. Click on "mySettings" on the lefthand side

4. Click on the "Permissions" tab

5. At the top of the page is a list of the User Groups that you are assigned to within ZenQMS

6. Permissions are listed in the table and enable you to be able to view/create/edit within ZenQMS. Permissions that you have been granted have been checked off on the righthand side.

PLEASE NOTE - You are not able to change your own permissions. This is view only. Please reach out to your Super User if additional permissions are needed.



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