How to Create & Manage Custom Fields for Documents, Audit Reports, QSheets, & Tests

Custom fields are one of the key features of ZenQMS. Within the application, each module can have up to 20 custom fields to capture your data using text boxes, multi-selects, drop-downs, etc... These fields appear in addition to the existing fields within the module. 

(Permission Needed: "Member Administration/Configuration")

PLEASE NOTE: Custom Field creation for Users, Issues, Change Control, and Tasks Modules is done in the Settings section.

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Select the Settings icon on the left hand side panel or click on your name in the upper righthand corner and choose "Profile" from the dropdown 

3. Click on the Administration tab at the top

4. Click "Configuration" on the lefthand side



1. Click add_new_field.png

2. Fill in an "Abbreviation" and "Full Name" for this new field

3. Select the module placement (e.g. documents, issues, etc...)

4. Select the type of custom field.

*If you select Mutli-Select/Member Defined Dropdown, you will need to click the "List" hyperlink next to the new field in order to add values. Type in the value and click "Add", repeat for each value.

5. Click the "Save" hyperlink

6. To activate the custom field, you will need to change the value to "Yes" in the "Active" column. This is done by clicking on the hyperlinked "No".

7. (optional) You have the ability to make the new custom field required (a user cannot move forward without filing out). This can be done by changing the value in the "Required" column to "Yes" by clicking on the hyperlinked "No"



1. To edit the display order, update the custom field abbreviation and/or full name, click the "Edit" hyperlink

 PLEASE NOTE: You cannot change the Type of custom field after the field has been created

2. Make the necessary updates

3. Click the "Save" hyperlink


UPDATING CUSTOM FIELD VALUES: (Mutli-Select/Member Defined Dropdown)

1. Click the "List" hyperlink next to the custom field

2. To add additonal values, type in the new values and click "Add"

3. To remove values, click recycle_bin.png next to an existing value

3.  To exit out once you are finished, click the "x" in the upper right hand corner of the Update List pop-out.



1. Click the "Delete" hyperlink next to the custom field

PLEASE NOTE: Deleting a custom field will permanently delete the custom field and all of its related data. This action cannot be reversed.

2. Click yes_button.png

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