Note: Users will need the permission "Can See All Issues (Read Only Access)" at the Issue category level of the Issue type they are permitted to create.


There may be a time during your Issue life cycle that you may need to link a document or event to your Issue for reference. You are able to link items from within ZenQMS to your Issue. There is an option to link items in either the Details section and/or the configured Stages of an Issue:


Details Section

details issue.png


Stage Section

details stage.png

You are able to link the following items to your Issue:

1. Documents

2. Courses

3. Events

4. Tests

5. Other Issues

6. Audits


8. Change Control

9. Tasks


Note: Your role and permission settings determines your visibility to what items in the modules you may link. Meaning, if you do not have permissions to interact with Documents or Audits, items in those modules will not be available in the Link drop down menu for selecting to link. You will have the ability to link anything you have permissions to interact with. This includes archived documents. 


Linking an item to an Issue

Log into ZenQMS. From the Main Dashboard, click on the Issues Module:

issues module.png

Select the Issue you would like to interact with by selecting the hyperlinked key listed under the Key column in the Issues table:

issue key.png

To link and item, select "links and attachments.png" in either the Details section or within a Stage.


A pop up box will appear. Please do the following:


  • Select the Module you would like to link an item from 
  • Select the item to link


  Once an item is linked, the title of the item will appear under Links/Attachments

linked item.png

If a linked item needs to be deleted, click the trash can icon next to the title of the linked item. The application will require a comment when deleting linked items:

delete link.png


All linked item activity is captured on the Issue Audit Trail & the Account Audit Trail:


Issue Audit Trail

issue audit trail.png

Account Audit Trail

account audit trail.png

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