NOTE: Users will need the permission "Account Audit Trail" to access the account audit trail. Once users are given permission to access the audit trail, they will see the option in the left hand column under settings.

To access the Account Audit Trail, click the "Settings" tab from the Main Dashboard:

settings icon.png

Click Account - Audit Trail:

audit trail.png

You will then be directed to the Audit Trail Full Table. In order to view specific audit trails pertaining to the Change Control Module, you will have to choose this module from the dropdown in the "Module" column to view the audit trail for all Change Controls:

audit trail.png

Columns can be edited on the Audit Trail view by clicking the green (+) plus button:

audit trail.png

The Audit Trail includes the following columns:

Module - the module that the action was taken place in

Time Stamp - Date and time the action was taken

User ID - users email address

User Name - the name of the User

Item ID - the system generated Item ID

Event - A brief description of the action that was performed by that user, this column is text searchable

Risk - The action will be tagged as being a Risk if the action was a super editor transaction or admin changes, the table can be sorted by Risk status

NOTE: Account activity may take up to 30 minutes to appear in the audit trail.

Each column has a search tool in the row under the column header, so the table can be sorted for specific users, item ID's, or actions taken.  The Time Stamp column can not be sorted by specific date, it is displayed in either ascending or descending order:

audit trail.png

The Table can be exported into an Excel or a CSV File by clicking "Export":

audit trail.png


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