Issues Module: Requesting a Due Date Extension for a Project/Stage/Task

Project, stage, and task assignees will be able to request a due date extension.  

The same process will apply to all 3 types of dues dates (Project/Stage/Task).

1.  Log into your ZenQMS account, go to your Issues full table, and open the Issue that you would like to extend the project/stage/task due date for.  There is a mceclip0.png,  click on that icon.


2. A Request Due Date Change box will slide in from the right.  You will be asked to fill in the new requested date and the reason/rationale for the request.  You will then sign off on the request, choose the request approver from the drop-down, and click "Launch Workflows".  The alert will be sent to the approver for review. You can also add more steps to the workflow if needed.

3. The requester will receive a notification if the request has been approved or if the request has been rejected via email.

Note: Any due date extension requests will be logged in the Due Date History log


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