How to Create Account Custom Fields for the Issues Module

PERMISSION NEEDED: "Account Custom Fields"

Account custom fields can be used in the Issues Module. These are managed under the "Settings" section from the Main Dashboard:


Under "Account", click "Custom Fields":

custom fields.png

Creating a New Account Custom Field:

Click on the "Create" button:  


The Field Editor slider box will slide in from the right side of your screen:

field editor.png

1. Name/Label: Name the custom field.

2. Abbreviation: Give the custom field name an abbreviation. 

3. Description: Add a description of the custom field.

4. Type: Select the type of custom field you want. All of the "Types" that can be selected:

5. Required: Select either "yes" or "no". 

NOTE: If selecting "Single Selection" or "Multiple Selection", you will need to add the choice values by clicking on the "mceclip4.png" button next to "Choices" or import a list:

add new choice.png

Editing An Existing Account Custom Field:

In order to edit an existing account custom field, click on the name of the custom field. Then you can edit/add/change any of the values.

NOTE: The "Type" field will not be editable. If a new type is required, you will need to create a new account custom field.

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