Issues Module: Dashboard & Full Table Overview

This article will provide a high level view of the Issues Dashboard & Full Table.


Issues Dashboard 



When you log into your ZenQMS account and click on the Issues module icon mceclip0.png, you will be brought to your Issues Dashboard. The Dashboard displays a bar chart that first starts with a column labeled "Past Due", if you click on this bar, any "Past Due" Issue action that you are responsible for will populate in a table below. The following bar columns are months, starting with the current and going out 11 months (including current). You can click on multiple or all bars in the chart, and all the Issues that require your actions will populate in the table below.  The table that populates when you click on a bar(s) can be customized by clicking on the mceclip3.png in the upper left corner.

The icons at the top represent 3 different views for the bar chart.

mceclip5.png Issues Dashboard - This icon represents your dashboard view that only shows any Issues that you have been assigned or own

  • In order to complete the assignment or action required, you can click on the Issues "Key" that is hyperlinked.  When you click on it, if the Item is Past Due it will take you right to the action that is needed within that Issue, ie: e-signature.
  • If the item is in a bar that is Yellow or Green, clicking the key will take you into the Issue, but no action will be required.

mceclip6.pngMy Direct Reports Dashboard - This icon represents any Issues that your direct reports are assigned or own

  • If you click on the key in the table, it will take you into the corresponding Issue.

mceclip7.png My Company Dashboard - This icon is your Whole Company dashboard view and will display           all Issues for your organization.


***If you are not a participant in any Issues, when you go to the dashboard, it will read "No Results Found"



Issues Full Table 

mceclip8.pngThe last icon will take you to the Issues Full Table

  • The Issues full table can be customized by clicking on the mceclip3.png in the upper left corner


  • It can also be filtered by Category, by selecting the Category you would like to view from the drop down located next to the "Export" button.  If you select a specific Issue category, you can customize the table even further, by adding any custom fields that have been added in that Issues Category


  • You can save the Table Views by following the instructions in this video: Saving Table Views for Issues Full Table
  • To use the Advanced Filter feature, please follow the instructions found here: Advanced Filters for the Issues, Change Control, and Tasks Full Tables
  • The Full Table or current table view can be exported by clicking on the "Export" button and you can then choose whether you want a CSV or Excel.  Once downloaded it will go to your "My Downloads" tab that will appear at the top of the page.  This document will remain in the "My Downloads" tab for 30 days.  You can access your "My Downloads" folder by clicking on the green plus at the top of the page.




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