How to Add a Field to a Stage in An Issue Category Configuration

In the Issue Category configuration, you will have the opportunity to add fields to a stage. This comes after you have built out your stage/transition process.

Included under each stage you will see "mceclip0.png" button:

add stage field.png

When you click on this button you will see a window that offers you 3 options:

123 stage.png

1. Add Plain Text/Instructions - this will allow you to add just that. It will be a text box that you can add instructions on what needs to be done within the stage or any other applicable information:


2. Add an Account Custom Field - this will allow you to add one of the account custom fields that you created. You can only add an account custom field one time to a category:

(Need help? See: How to Create Account Custom Fields for the Issues Module)


3. Add a Stage Custom Field - this allows you to add a specific field that will only be used in this stage in this category. This is the same process as creating an account custom field:


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