Issues Module: Creating a New Issue Category

1. Log into your ZenQMS account and click on the  mceclip0.png button on the left side of the screen, this is the Settings tab for Issues and other modules.

2. Click on the mceclip0.png option, then click on the mceclip2.png button under "Configuration: Issues".

3. A new window will appear. You will need to fill in the following information.


A. Name: Create a name for this Issue Category

B. Description: Provide a brief description on what it will be used for

C. Key (e.g.INT-100): This will be the category identifier and proceed to the Key #.

D. Key Starting #: This will be the starting ID # for this Issue Category.

4. Click on the mceclip5.png button, the next part of the General Settings for this category will populate.

***You will also notice at the top, the Issue Category will appear as (v.1 - Draft). Issue Categories are version controlled; they will remain in the draft state until you are ready to "Approve for Use".



By clicking on the Boxes (A,B,C,D) you will be able to begin to configure your category. Click on the hyperlinked articles to drill down on each box

 A. Configuring PDF Exports Options for an Issues Category

 B. Configuring & Managing Category Roles/Permissions for User Visibility & Accessibility

C. Configuring Stages & transitions for an Issue Category

D. Actions You Can Take: Once you have all stages and transitions completed and the Roles/Permissions assigned and configured, you will click on the "Approve for Use" button. Note, this is also where you will find the "Delete" button if you want to delete this draft. Once this category has been approved for use it can no longer be deleted, it would need to be "Retired". Once the version becomes effective, this will appear under "Actions You Can Take". You will also see the "Create New Version" option.

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