Issues Module: Logging a New Issue

In order to create a new issue, hover over themceclip0.png located to the right of your home tab.

1. Under "Create a New" you will see Issue as an option, click on it. NOTE: You will only see "Issue" if the Issue module has been enabled and you have the permission to add a new issue.

2. You will be asked to:

  • Provide a Title / Short Description of the Issue
  • Choose the Issue Category
  • Select a Project Due Date, which is the Issue completion target date


3. Click on Create. In the next screen, you will be able to:


  • 1 - See the Issue Category Key
  • 2 - See and edit the Title/Short Description
  • 3 - See the Project Due date
  • 4 - Clicking on the mceclip6.png will show the due date history timeline
  • 5 - Clicking on the mceclip7.png will allow you request a new project due date
  • 6 - Add more Project Assignees
    • Project assignees are notified when a new Issue is created, stages are completed, and if the project, stage, or task is past due.

As you scroll down in the details, you will see the Task List, where you can:


  • 7 - Clicking on the mceclip7.png will take you to your tasks full table
  • 8 - Clicking mceclip10.pngallows you to create a new project task
  • 9 -mceclip6.png The two icons allow you to link an item or upload an attachment

4. Once you are through the Project Details section, you will enter the first stage of your Issue. This should look very similar to the details of the project:

  • mceclip6.png Stage due date log, logs all due date changes
  • mceclip7.pngAllows you to request a stage due date extension
  • mceclip10.pngAllows you to add additional stage assignees
  • mceclip6.png Allow you to link other account items and upload attachments
  • Under Links/Attachment you will find any Fields or Instructions. If you made the custom account or stage field required, then you will have to complete the field in order to move forward.

The Chat Log, found at the bottom of the page, allows users to log comments in regards to the stage. The comment is logged and time stamped.  

5. When the stage has been completed, the stage assignee will click on mceclip0.png. The user will then choose step assignees and select the stage assignee for the next stage (if applicable).

6. Once a stage assignee is chosen click on mceclip14.png, the stage assignee will be required to sign-off.  After the workflows are complete, the next stage will become available. If you notice that you missed something and you need to go back into the stage, you do have the opportunity to "Cancel workflows and revert to this phase". This will revert all signatures and the workflows will have to be relaunched.

7.  You will repeat this until all stages have been completed. In your Issue table, you will be able to see that it has reached its Final Stage.

***We recommend that final stages be labeled something that is obvious and users will know that it is a FINAL stage

8. If you would like to export the Issue to a PDF, you may do so by clicking the three vertical dots at the top of the Issue to the right of your initials.

NOTE: The PDF will not include the chat log comments.

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