NOTE: In order to revert a completed stage, a project assignee must request Super Editor Access or have the category permission: "Can Cancel All Signatures and Revert to Prior Stage". In order to be able to utilize Super Editor Access, the user's role must maintain the "Can Edit Completed stages of Any Issues (Super Editor)" permission at the Issue category level:

Once a stage has been completed and a project assignee finds that something was missed, they will need to revert the stage.

To enable "Super Editor Access"

1. Click on the 3 dots symbol in the upper right hand corner of the Issue. From the dropdown, select "Super Editor Access": 

super editor issue.png

2. Click the green button titled "Enter Super Editor Mode": 

enter super editor mode issue.png

3. A slider box will appear requiring a signature and comment to enter Super Editor Access Mode. Click on "Submit Electronic Signature" after adding your credentials & comment:

super editor slider.png

4. Once you have completed the signature, the following box will appear.  The "Super Editor Access" will remain until you complete the necessary edits/changes.  Once completed, you will need to click on the blue hyperlinked, "Drop Access":

drop access.png

5. To revert the stage you must click on the blue hyperlinked "Cancel workflows and revert to this phase" that now appears since the you have "Super Editor Access":

cancel workflow.png

6. Make the necessary edits to the stage and click on "Drop Access" in the "Super Editor" bar. Relaunch the workflows so all signatures can be executed again:

drop access.png

NOTE: By reverting the stage you will lose all workflow signatures, the workflow process will have to be re-launched 

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