Change Control Notifications

Currently, the Notifications section in the Change Control settings page only pertain to notifications within the Change Control module.


You can now customize your application notifications, you can choose what you get notifications for and the frequency that you receive them. When you go into your Change Control settings tab mceclip1.png, there is a "Notifications" option.  You will see 4 options within the notifications page. Each option has a drop-down that includes 4 different frequency options for those notifications. Immediately, Hourly, Daily and Never are the choices.  If you choose hourly, the notification will come at the top of the hour.  For the daily setting you will choose the time(UTC) of day you want it to be sent.  For the Weekly notification, you will choose the time of day and the day of the week (Mon-Sun).

If you have the hourly notifications set for Signatures, Tasks, and Change Control, items for all 3 will be sent in the same notification.


The notifications will define what Change Control/Task it is referencing and the item key will be a hyperlink that will open to the page if you are already logged into your ZenQMS account.  If you are not you will be required to login.  These notifications are set to default settings of:

Signatures: never
CC: never
Tasks: never
Daily Summary: Daily 8am UTC

So you need to go into the notifications tab in order to customize the sending frequencies.

  • Signatures - this is a notification you can receive when your signature is needed, could be for a stage approval or for a task completion
  • Tasks - a notification when you have been assigned a Task, when the task you were assigned to was completed or rejected
  • Change Control - a notification when you have been assigned as a project assignee,  a stage assignee or there has been activity in a Change Control that you are a participant in, ie: When the stage transitions to the next stage or if it has been rejected
  • Daily Summary (past due/escalations) - this notification will be sent if you are the project assignee or stage assignee to any Change Controls or Tasks that are coming due within 7 days, any past due Change Control/Tasks items, any items have been escalated, as well as any pending Change Control or Task signatures.  The date the item was due will also be included for At Risk or Past Due items.

These are personal settings, so each user can choose how and when they want to receive the notifications.  

Please note - a separate daily digest email will also go out for any items that are coming due in 7 days, past due or signatures in regards to Training, Documents, Audits

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