Important Note: Tasks can only be created within a Change Control or an Issue. Users can only be assigned to Change Control tasks if they have the permission "Can See All Change Controls" at the specific Change Control category level. 

Creating Change Control Tasks

Tasks can be created in the "Details" section OR within a "Stage" of a Change Control. To create a new task, click the "mceclip2.png" icon:

Example Task - Details Section:


Example Task - Stage:


Note: Clicking on the "mceclip1.png" icon you will take you to the Task Full Table

A new window will appear. You will be asked to provide:


1. Title / Short Description of the Task

2. The Stage in which you would like to assign the Task to

3. A due date for the Task

When all information is filled in, click on the "mceclip0.png" button.  The screen below will appear:


  1. Task ID - This is the Key ID assigned to the task
  2. Status - The state of the task
  3. Due Date - Due date that you selected for the task to be completed
  4. Assignee - Person the task was assigned to
  5. Title - The title or description that you provided in the earlier step
  6. Stage - The stage that the task was assigned to. Only when the Change Control enters that stage will the assignee be notified that they have been assigned a task

Note: When the Change Control enters the Stage that the task has been assigned to, the Project/Stage/Task Assignees will see the task. Tasks can also be added while in the stage.

Completing an Issue Task

In order to see the task details and complete the task, the Task Assignee must click on the task Key ID:


In the "Details" section of the Task, there are two icons displayed by "Task Due Date":


The arrow icon will show a log of all the due date changes that may occur for this task throughout the life cycle of the project. Clicking on the calendar icon will allow you to "Request a due date change".

The Task Assignee can add "LINKS/ATTACHMENTS" by clicking on the "mceclip6.png" icon or the "mceclip7.png" icon.       mceclip6.png: You will be able to link an account item. 

 mceclip7.png: You will be able to upload an attachment.

After the Task creator/Stage Assignee is ready for the Task Assignee to "Start" the task, they will see the below two options, "Start Task" &  "Close - Incomplete", at the bottom of the "Task Details":

start task.png

1. Start Task:

When you click on "Start Task" you will get the following pop-up:


When you click on "Yes",  you will see the button that said "Start Task" has changed to "Complete Task" which the Task Assignee will click once the task has been completed.  When you click on the "Complete Task" button, a "Task Completion Workflow" window will appear. You will need to launch the workflow.  The signatures will be routed to who the Task Assignee was and other workflow steps can be added at that time:

task workflows.png

2. Close - Incomplete:

If you click on "Close-Incomplete", you will get the following pop-up:


This button appears before the task has been started and after the task has been started.  This option can be chosen at either time if this task is no longer need to be implemented.  

Important Note: Either the Task must be completed or marked as Not Implemented (Close-Incomplete) in order to move on to the next stage.  The only way to re-open a Task would be to revert all signatures for that stage, which would re-open the stage allowing you to re-open a task that is in that stage.

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