Signing for or Viewing a Change Control/Task from Your Dashboard

When a user's signature is needed and or they are assigned to view a change control project, stage, or task, they will be notified via the Daily Summary. When a user receives this summary is based on how they have configured their Change Control Notification settings. The user will be prompted to log into his or her ZenQMS account, where the user will see a number for the "Signatures Needed".


When you click on the number a drop-down will appear. Any signatures having to do with a Change Control/Tasks will be listed with "Change Control or Task Signatures", click on that option and a table will populate below.  In order to complete the action you must click blue hyperlinked Key.  


After you click on the key, you will be taken to the section of the change control that needs your signature, and the e-signature box will be present. It will state the signature reason and require your user ID and password (PIN if you are an SSO user). You might be required to leave a comment if it was configured to be required.



PLEASE NOTE: Any "View" assignments will also be listed under "Change Control or Task Signatures". When you click on the CC Key hyperlink, you will be taken to the Change Control that you need to view. At this point you will not have to take any other action, your "View" assignment will be completed and logged with the time stamp of the date and time you viewed the stage. 

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