NOTE:  Users will needs the permission "Account Custom Fields" and "Configuration: Change Control" to perform these steps.

Account custom fields can be used in the Change Control Module. These are managed under the "Settings" section from the Main Dashboard:

settings icon.png

Under "Account", click "Custom Fields":


Creating a New Account Custom Field

Click on the "Create" button:  


The Field Editor slider box will slide in from the right side of your screen:


1. Name/Label: Name the custom field.

2. Abbreviation: Give the custom field name an abbreviation. 

3. Description: Add a description of the custom field.

4. Type: Select the type of custom field you want. All of the "Types" that can be selected:

  • Single Line of Text: A user has limited characters that will fit in a single row
  • Paragraph Text: A user can write out multiple rows of text
  • Paragraph Text With Formatting: A user will have a text box that has basic word formatting options and the ability to import
  • Integer: A user will answer with a whole number
  • Decimal: A user can use a decimal in the number
  • Date: A user will complete the field with a date chosen from a calendar
  • Website: A user can insert a website, which can be opened by clicking on the "mceclip0.png" icon
  • Yes/No: A user can choose between "Yes" or "No" values
  • Single Selection: A user can choose one value out of a dropdown list.
  • Multiple Selection: A user can choose multiple values from a list.
  • Role Single Selection: (see: 
  • Role Multiple Selection: (see:
  • User Single Selection (see: 
  • User Multiple Role Selection (see: 

5. Required: Select either "yes" or "no". 

If selecting "Single Selection" or "Multiple Selection", you will need to add the choice values by clicking on the "mceclip4.png" button next to "Choices" or import a file of values:


Editing An Existing Account Custom Field

In order to edit an existing account custom field, click on the name of the custom field. Then you can edit/add/change any of the values.

NOTE: The "Type" field will not be editable. If a new type is required, you will need to create a new account custom field.




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