NOTE: Users will only see "Change Control" if the Change Control Module has been enabled at the account level. Users will need the permissions "Can Create New Change Controls" & "Can See All Change Controls (Read Only Access)" at the Change Control category level of the Change Control type they are permitted to create.

Creating a Change Control

In order to create a new change control, hover over the"mceclip0.png" located to the right of your home tab. Under "Create a New" you will see "Change Control" as an option. Click on it:


You will be asked to:


1. Provide a Title / Short Description of the Change Control

2. Choose the Change Control Category

3. Select a Project Due Date, which is the Issue completion target date

4. Click "Create"


Details Section

In the "Details" section of the newly created Change Control you will be able to:


1. See the Change Control Category Key

2. See and edit the Title/Short Description

3. See the Project Due Date

4. Clicking on the "mceclip6.png" will show the due date history timeline

5. Clicking on the "mceclip7.png" will allow you request a new project due date

6. Add more Project Assignees. Project assignees are notified when a new Change Control is created, stages are completed, and if the project, stage, or tasks are past due.

7. Clicking on the "mceclip7.png" will take you to your tasks full table

8. Clicking "mceclip10.png" allows you to create a new project task

9. The two icons "mceclip6.png"  allow you to link an item or upload an attachment

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