NOTE: Users will need the permission "Configuration: Change Control" to perform these steps.

When you are configuring a Change Control Category, the configuration includes choosing settings for PDF exports. This option is found in the "General Settings":


When you click on the "Edit PDF Options" button a slider box will appear to the right of your screen:


1. Logo: Allows you to have your Logo included or excluded from the header

2. Account or Stage Custom Fields: Allows you to choose multiple custom account and stage fields to your header

3. User Time Stamp: Allows you to add an email address along with the time/date

4. Page Numbers (X of Y pages): Allows you to choose whether page numbers are included

5. Abbreviated Header for Page 2+: If you select "yes" for this option, only the first page of the export will include the full header will the fields that you have selected to include. Page #2+ will include the logo, stage, and time stamp, excluding the custom fields.

6. Watermark Placement: A user can chose if a watermark will be included and its location. 

7. Shrink Document / Add Abbreviated Header: This will scale the attachment and add a header to the page

8. Include User Time Stamp in Abbreviated Header: This will include the user time stamp in the header

9. Include Page Numbers (X of Y Pages) in Abbreviated Header: This will include page numbers in the header

10. Watermark Placement: a user can chose if a watermark will be included and its location.

NOTE: By default all fields will be set to yes. Once you have configured these settings and the category has been activated for use, any Change Control you create will export with these settings.

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