Completing an Action

To complete an Action, go to your Issues Dashboard and click on Actions to pull up Actions: Full Table. From there, select the action you wish to complete and follow the steps below.

  1. Actions can be completed at any time using the  button at the top of the Manage Action window. Authorized users can see this button and clicking it will prompt the user for a p.11 compliant e-signature.  Once completed the Action status will change to "Complete" and a workflow signature will be logged at the bottom of the Action window.
  2. Completed Actions can be unlocked for editing by clicking the  link so long as the underlying issue is not CLOSED or VERIFIED.
  3. Comments: Any user with access to this Action can add comments.  Click the  button to add a comment.  Comments are designated  by default, but you can set any comment to 'All Reviewer' to share it with any external client/partner that you have shared the Issue with.
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