Below are the steps to take if you have been assigned as a Draft Reviewer of a document as a general user.

1. Log into your ZenQMS account, from the Dashboard you will see a number behind "Signatures Needed" that will be on the right side of the screen.  Click on "Signatures Needed":


 2. When you click on "Signatures Needed" the requested action will populate below. Scroll down and you will see a table that has the name of the document you are to review and a blue pencil, click on the blue pencil:


3. The "Draft Document Review Workflow Action Item" box will appear. Click on the blue hyperlinked document file name, the file will then download:


4. Once you have downloaded the original file and you have reviewed it,  you have either decided it looks good as is, or that you need to make edits.

  • If you do not need to make any edits  and you think the draft looks good, you will log that under comments (required), then click on "Submit Review" to execute the action.
  • If you need to make edits, you will make the edits, save the new version. Then click on Screen_Shot_2018-12-04_at_3.11.33_PM.png, and upload your new version of the document.  When making edits you can either use track changes and upload with the track changes visible or highlight any changes that you made.  You will know that the revision was uploaded successfully when you see "{Document Name}" will be uploaded with your submission.


5.  Once you are happy with the revision, you will log your version comments (required), then click on "Submit Review".


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