Creating a New Site

1. Log into your ZenQMS account and click on "Administration"

2. Then click on "Site Management" on the left hand side. 


3. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-09-11_at_3.49.01_PM.png, and fill in the information in the "Add New Site" window requires


4. Once you create the site you can click on the Screen_Shot_2018-09-11_at_3.53.19_PM.png to see what else needs to be completed prior to being ready to receive or respond to an audit


5.  Once you have completed these items you will see a Screen_Shot_2018-09-11_at_3.54.55_PM.png which indicates the site is ready for an Audit.  You can also update information from this table by clicking o the dropdown that is labeled "Select an Item to Update".  You can also remove a site from this dropdown as well.


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