Audit Dashboard Overview



1 & 2. This is the toggle between Audits and Observations dashboards, if you want to see Audits, click on Audits.  If you want to see Observations Dashboard, click on Observations

3. This is a drop down that allows you to move throughout the Audits module.  What you see depends on your permissions.  From here you can access the following, which is a screenshot from a Super User's account


4. This bar chart shows what state your different audits are in.  By clicking on the number behind the bar, the Audit that the number(s) reference will populate below.

5. A bar chart that shows when your upcoming Audits are

6. You can click on the hyperlink here to see audits that have had recent activity, a list of audits will populate below and you can drill down into the audit

7.  You can click on this hyperlink to drill down to any new comments that have been logged in any of the audits that you have access to


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