ZenQMS allows users to save filtered table views to create reports.  The saved filter stores the entire view, including visible columns, all applied column filters and pagination setting.

Saving a Table Filter to Create a Report

The following tables allow users to save report filter views:

  • Documents > Controlled Files
  • Audit > Reports & Audit > Observations

When you navigate to one of these pages, notice the dropdown "Default Report Filters".  

  • Save a NEW report: To save the current table settings as a NEW report click the dropdown and select "Save current report filters as new report". You will be prompted to save the report name
  • Update an Existing Report Settings: To update an existing filter with current settings, select "Update current report filters to current settings".


Loading a saved Table Filter from the Table

  1. Navigate to the page
  2. Click on the dropdown and select the existing report from the dropdown. 

Sharing Reports with Individual & Whole Company 

Any reports that you create can be shared with individual users and/or the whole company.  Below are the steps you would take to share a report.

  1. Log into your ZenQMS account
  2. Click on the Reports module tab on the left hand side


Sharing with Individual Users

1. Click on the in the row of the report you would like to share


2. Create a message for the person that you are sharing the report with, then select that person from the drop-down and click on 


Sharing with the Whole Company

1. Click on the in the row of the report you would like to share

2. Here you can edit the report name, and change the visibility to Whole Company.  You can also write a description of the report.


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