Completing An Issue

The steps to completing an Issue are as follows.

1. Log into ZenQMS, click on the Issues module on the lefthand side of the Dashboard

2. Click on the "My Issues Dashboard" dropdown and select Issues: Full Table

3. Click on the "Add New Issue" or click on Edit next to an existing Issue in the table, you must have the correct permissions in order to log a new Issue

PERMISSION= "Can Add New Issue"



1. Change the Lead Investigator and add Co-Investigators by clicking in the Manage Team button

2. Choose the Site Name/ID, Issue Type, Date of Incident, Date Reported, and add an Description of the Issue

3. You can upload any files that should be included by clicking on the Upload More link next to File Attachments

4. Populate any Custom Fields that you have added

5. You can link any item within the app that pertains to this Issue by clicking on Add Link

6. click SAVE when you have completed 


* The Risk Assessment are default fields and do not have to be populated

1. To add an Action(Corrective Action) click on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-09_at_3.36.24_PM.png button.  


1. Internal Notifications: If you would like users from within your company to receive notifications via their Dashboard you can select individual users or groups.  You can choose when you would like them to get notifications.

2. Client/External Notifications: You can send notifications to external persons by clicking on the Add A Client button, and for what step in the Issue you would like them to be notified about. They will receive this notification via email.

Root Cause Analysis

1. You can choose from a template that you have previously uploaded(Insert Template) into the system or populate the Root Cause Analysis yourself.

2.  Choose the Root Cause Category that has also been configured previously and will be listed in the dropdown

3.  Any files that you would like attached to this section of the Issue can be added by clicking on Upload More.

4. Click Save before exiting this window

Action Plan

1. You can choose from a template that you have previously uploaded(Insert Template) into the system or populate the Action Plan yourself.

2. Select the date in which you would like this Action Plan to be implemented by, the Implementation Date can be edited after the Issue has been locked by a person with the correct permission.

PERMISSION: "Can change implementation dates for non-draft issues / actions"

3. Attach any relevant files that you would like by clicking on Upload More

4. To add an Action to the Action Plan click on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-09_at_3.36.24_PM.png button

5. Click on Save before leaving this window


*The workflow of the Issue will be set-up when configuring your account for Issues/Actions

1. To complete an Issue the workflow must be completed. The workflow will go in a linear fashion, so as soon as the first person approves the next in line will get the Alert and so on

2. Once the Workflow is launched the Issue will go to the "Awaiting Approval", and the Lead Investigator will sign off

2. If there are Action's the Issue will go into "Implementation". All Actions (if any) have to be completed in order for the Action Assignee to Review/Accept and complete the workflow step.  A user with the correct specific permission may change who the Action Assignee is

PERMISSION = Can change Action assignee for non-draft Actions

3. The Issue will then enter that Final Review stage, once that is sign off on, if their are Effectiveness Checks, they will then have to be completed in order for the Issue to become Closed

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