Creating an Action


1. Log into ZenQMS and click on the Issues module on the lefthand side of your Dashboard

2. Click on the dropdown labeled "My Issues Dashboard" and select "Issues: Full Table"

3. Find the Issue in which you would like to add a Action in the table and click on Edit

4. Once inside the Issue, click on "Action Plan" at the top of the details box

5. Scroll down to the Actions section and click on Screen_Shot_2018-10-04_at_2.53.08_PM.png


6. The Action Management window will then pop up, where you can begin to fill in the details, write a description or upload files for Action details, upload necessary file attachments, and link it to any documents.  You must select an Implementation Date and an Assignee, which can be changed after the Action is not in Draft state by a person with the correct permissions.  Once you are done completing this, press Save.

PERMISSIONS = "Can change implementation dates for non-draft issues / actions"

                             "Can change Action assignee for non-draft Actions"




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