Adding a New Issue

A user with the correct permissions can Add a New Issue.

PERMISSION = "Can Add New Issue"

1. Log into ZenQMS and click on ISSUES module on the lefthand side of the dashboard

2. Click on the drop down that is labeled "My Issues Dashboard" and select "Issues: Full Table"

3. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-18_at_2.39.17_PM.png, this box will be greyed out if you do not have the permission to be able to add a new Issue.

4. A "Log A New Issue" box will pop up and you will be required to complete any fields that have a red *asterix.  You also have the ability to write a detailed description and upload any related documents.  Click submit at the bottom of the box after completion.


5. The issue will then be logged in the Issues table in a Draft State, where you can begin to add details.  The Site Manager, the Site QA Leader and the Site's Default Messaging Contact will all receive an email notifying them that this Issue has been logged.

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