NOTE: Users need the permission "Can Create/Manage Document Categories" and the permission "Category Editor" at the document category level set to "Yes" to perform these steps.

Document workflows are configured and updated at the Document Category level. Below are the steps in order to perform this action.

1. Log into ZenQMS, click on the "Documents Module" tab:


2. Select "Documents: Full Table" from the "My Documents Dashboard" dropdown:


3. Click on the "Manage Categories" button:


4. Select the document category you want to update the workflow for from the dropdown.

5. Scroll down in the details till you get to the "Workflow for Publishing/Retiring":


6. Here steps can be added by clicking on the Screen_Shot_2018-10-04_at_10.32.00_AM.png

7. You can edit the name of the step, change the reason code, choose weather you would like it to be able to be delegated, and add users who will be authorized to complete a workflow step by choosing an individual or role from the dropdown.  

8. You can remove a user or role by clicking on the trash can icon beside the name.


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