Documents: Full Table Overview



1. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.25.26_PM.png to Add a New File

2. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.26.08_PM.png to Upload Multiple Documents at one time

3. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.26.37_PM.png to Create & Manage Document Categories.  

4. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.27.19_PM.png to customize your Documents Table view. This option allows you to add or remove additional columns/fields to your table. To add columns, drag and drop the column from the "Column Chooser" into the headers of your table. To remove columns, drag and drop the column header from the table into the "Column Chooser".

5. Click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.28.24_PM.png to export the document table in CSV or EXCEL format

6. To edit and/or access document details, you would need to click on the "Edit" link in the first column of the table.  To view the document click on the Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.57.07_PM.png and to download the document click on Screen_Shot_2018-07-05_at_12.57.15_PM.png

Note:  You can sort through the table by using any of the column search fields or Create Custom & Advanced Filters.

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