Documents Dashboard Overview


The Documents dashboard gives you an instant and detailed view into the state of all documents you have access to.

1. Dashboard Filter 

Changing the dashboard filter allows you to quickly toggle the data set:  

  • My Documents: All documents where you are set as an author
  • Direct Reports: All documents where one of my direct reports is set as an author. A user becomes a direct report when you are added as their supervisor in the Users table. See:  Adding or Changing a Supervisor
  • My Company: All documents in the company account (requires special access permission)

This same filter also give you access to:


2. State of Documents Chart 

The horizontal bar chart on the left provides a snapshot of your documents and their current state. Clicking on a bar refreshes the drilldown action table at the bottom with a list of documents matching the query.  Bars are highlighted black as their data sets are added to the table below, and you can select more than one bar. Deselecting the bars will remove the data set from the table below.

3. Document Pipeline Chart

The Pipeline bar chart is for planning, showing the user what items are past their review date (red bar) or have a review coming due between now and the end of the next month (yellow bars) or due in the 2 months after that (green bars). As with the first chart, clicking on a bar refreshes the drilldown action table at the bottom with a list of documents matching the query and you can select more than one bar for a broader query.

4. New Document Assignments

Click on the hyperlink to show all documents assigned to me since my last log in.

5. Documents with New Comments

Click on link to see any documents with new comments logged since my last log in.



The "Drilldown" Table

All clickable links/bars in the controls above will refresh the drilldown action table at the bottom of the page.  The action table works the same as in the main dashboard, allowing a user to:

  • Open a document with the PDF viewer in ZenQMS with the EYE.png icon
  • Download a copy of the document with the DOWNLOAD.png icon or click the hyperlink of the Document Name to access the details.
  • Export the entire table to excel using the black excel icon EXPORT.png


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