Note: Users will need to be the document author or in the role "Administration: Account Super User" to perform these steps.

Training challenge questions can be added to or edited in any document, regardless of the document's state.  

1. Log into ZenQMS, click on the Documents Module icon:


2. Click on the drop-down labeled "My Documents Dashboard" and select "Documents: Full Table":


3. Search for the document that you wish to add or edit the training question for. Click on "Edit":


4. Click on the "Training" tab in the Document Management/Review window:


5. Click on "Add Question":


5.  A box will then pop up where you can type in the questions and choose whether it is T/F or Multiple Choice:

If Multiple Choice is selected, you will need to type in the various possible answers. Type the correct answer to the question in the first line and make sure that the circle is selected (see highlighted section below): 


6. Once the training challenge question is created, you can then choose a passing percentage by clicking on the link that says by default "Trainees must answer at least 100% to complete the training":


You can type in any percentage you would like that will qualify as passing:


NOTE: Training challenge answers that users submit are not saved in the application. Users are considered as passing when the training percentage is reached by the user and they can successfully sign off on the training item. 

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