Batch Uploading Documents


1. Log into ZenQMS, click on the Documents tab on the left-hand side.  Select Documents: Full Table from the drop down labeled "My Documents Dashboard"


2. Click on the Screen_Shot_2018-07-09_at_10.14.33_AM.png, a modal box will pop up so you can select the settings for the document, which is exactly the same settings that you choose when Adding a single Document

3.  The only exception being, you will upload multiple documents.  Keep in mind when batch uploading all documents must fall under the same category and the source file name will be used to populate the document name.  All batch uploaded docs will bypass the workflow set for the category you are uploading the documents under, a signature is required to upload the documents which serves as the approval.  So if you need the documents to go through the workflow process, you will not want to use the batch upload function.

4. Also, documents with historical effective dates cannot be uploaded using the batch upload function

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