Managing Assignees for Courses, Events & Tests

Managing assignees for Courses, Events & Tests are very similar for each module.  Below are the steps on how to manage Course assignees. The same steps can be taken for Events & Tests by selecting "Training: Events" and "Training: Tests", respectively. 


Manage Courses = "Can Create/Manage New Training Courses"

Manage Events = "Can Edit any Events That User Has Access To"

Manage Tests = "Can See & Edit All Tests"


1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on the Training Module on the left hand side

3. Select "Training: Courses" from the "My Training Dashboard" drop down

4. Select the course that you would like to manage the assignees for and click on "Edit"


5. Scroll down to the Trainees/Participants section and click on "Manage Users/Groups"

Please note: in Tests, this will be a tab at the top of the window labeled "Manage Assigned Trainees/Results"


5. From this table you can

  • Add individual users or groups
  • Remove users or groups from the course
  • Drill into a user's Dossier
  • Export the table
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