NOTE: Users will need the permission "Can Create/Manage New Training Courses" to create a new training course.

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on the Training Module.

3. Select "Training: Courses" from the "My Training Dashboard" dropdown.

4. Click on "Add New Course". Choose a course name, and click "Create".

5. The Course Management/Review window will appear. You can:

  • Add/change Editors (up to 3 editors are allowed)
  • Add a course description
  • Link another item
  • Add documents
  • Add OJT events

6. To add documents, click on "Add Documents" in the Syllabus section. A new window that contains a list of all documents within Zen will appear. You can add the documents in bulk by checking the box next to the document name and then clicking on "Add to Syllabus". You can search/filter for certain documents by typing the document name, version, specific categories, state, etc., in the column header text box:

Once you have added the documents to the syllabus, you are able to move them up and down by using the arrows. You are able to remove documents by clicking on the trash can:

7. You are able to add OJT events to training courses by clicking "Add OJT Event" and repeating the steps above.

8. To add users/groups to the training course, click on "Manage Assigned Users/Groups". Pull the dropdown and select users and/or roles that you would like to add to the training course: 

NOTE: Whatever grace period days, documents security, training intervals, etc. that have been set at the document level will persist in the course


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