Viewing & Downloading Your Dossier


1. Log in to ZenQMS

2. Click on the Training Module on the lefthand side

3. Click on the Drop Down "My Training Dashboard" and select "Trainee: Training Records"

4. To view your Dossier, click on the "Dossier" hyperlink next to your name in the table

5. You can sort within the column or you can utilize the links at the top

  • At-Risk/Non-Compliant 
  • Currently Assigned Files
  • Everything

6. You can now also sort by Status that include:

  • Completed
  • Not Due Yet
  • Coming Due
  • New/Incomplete
  • Past Due


7. For Items that are "At Risk" or "Past Due", you can click on the "Train Now" link and execute right from here

8. You also have the option to download the Dossier into a PDF or you can export the table as a CSV or Excel

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