Changing a Course Syllabus

A person with the correct permissions has the ability to edit a course syllabus.

PERMISSION = "Can Create/Manage New Training Courses"

1. Log into ZenQMS and go to the Training Module on the left hand side. The Training module is the academic cap or graduation cap.

2. Select Training: Courses from the "My Training Dashboard" drop down.

3. Find the course name in the table that you are editing and select the blue "Edit" link.


4. Scroll down to Syllabus sections of the course details. You will see a "Syllabus (Documents)" section where you may change the order of documents, delete documents from the course, and add more documents to this training course's syllabus. You will also see a "Syllabus (OJT Events)" section where you may do the same as above but with OJT Events. 

5. From this section, you are also able to click on a document and go to Document Management window.

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