NOTE: Users need the permission "Can Add New Tests" to perform these steps.

It is also important to note, even if you assign a role to a test, if you add a new user to that role,  they will not automatically be assigned to the test. You will have to assign them individually. This behaves different than other training functions.

Creating a Test

1. Log into ZenQMS

2. Click on the Training Module from the Main Dashboard.

3. From the "My Training Dashboard" drop down, select "Training: Tests".

4. Click on "Add New Test". You will be prompted to add the name of the test. Click "Create".

5. Fill in all information on the Test Management/Review Window:


Authors: Click "Manage Authors" to add/remove up to 3 test authors by selecting from the dropdown


  • Attempts Allowed: Number of attempts allowed to pass the test
  • Minimum Passing Score: Entry must be 0%-100%
  • Time Cap From Start: Time allowance to complete the test (0.5 – 12 hours)
  • Grace Period (Days): Number of days to complete the test.
  • Description: Describe your test in a few words
  • Instructions: Enter any additional information/instructions  


Links: Click "Add Link" to link another item in your ZenQMS account that you have access to

Workflows/Signatures: Click the "Launch Approval Workflow" button to make the test effective.


Adding & Importing Questions

1. To add Questions individually: go to the "questions" tab, click "add question". Type in your question, select the answer type, and click "Save". Repeat as necessary.

2. To add multiple Questions at once: go to the "questions" tab and click "import questions". You can download a template by clicking on the "click here" hyperlink and upload it in the same place.

NOTE: On the Tests Full Table you to manage the order of the questions (when in draft mode) and also see the cumulative pass rate for each question.

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