Here are the steps to follow when attempting to complete a training in the application.


Since the training pie chart is your go to for anything having to do with training, that is where you want to focus on when trying to complete a training from the dashboard.  


Completing a Training 

Log in to ZenQMS. To see at-risk or coming due training items, click the yellow piece of the pie chart. To see past due training items, select the red piece of the pie chart:


To complete a training, click on blue pencil icon under the execute column:


A new box will appear with a link to the document that you have been assigned to for training, with instruction on how to complete. To review the training item, select the eye icon to open the document in ZenQMS. To download a copy of the training, select the download cloud icon to download a copy:


If the training assigned is a video, select the mp4 player icon to watch the video. Click out of the video tab once you are finished viewing the video:



Once you have reviewed the training item, and answer any optional training challenge questions, you can click on Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_10.34.45_AM.png and the e-signature box will appear, where you will enter your login credentials to complete and submit:


You will know you successfully completed when this modal box appears at the top of the screen:



Note: Keep in mind that if this training has an "Training Interval" assigned to it, it will appear back on the list with a blue pencil behind it, but the due date will have changed to whatever the interval is set for, this does not mean you did not successfully complete the training.  It is just showing that training on the document is due again in the future (months, years).





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