Note: Actionable items, such as signatures needed, can be found on the Activity List on the Main Dashboard. This Activity List is not related to user's training items.


If a user is assigned to a workflow but is unable to sign-off, their supervisor can delegate the workflow signature step. The ability to delegate the workflow step is determined by two things: the category level setting and the user's supervisor. 



Document Approval Signature Delegation 

For a document approval, the ability to delegate is configured in the Document Category under "Workflow for Publishing/Retiring (optional)". The setting "Can Step be Delegated?" will need to be set to "Yes" to ensure workflow steps can be delegated:


The user who is delegating the actionable item must be the workflow participant's supervisor.


To delegate, the supervisor will:


Select "My Direct Reports Dashboard" from the dropdown in their Main Dashboard. Click on the Signatures Needed action on the right hand side of the dashboard. Select the documents link:


Identify the document and workflow that needs to be delegated in the table that loads below. Click on the delegate icon Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.18.09_AM.png. If this icon is grayed out, this item cannot be delegated:


A drop down list of the supervisor's direct reports, including themselves, will appear in a modal box.  Select a user to reassign the signature.  The below message will appear when the signature has been successfully delegated:


The selected user will be notified via their dashboard and the next daily summary, or via email based on the user's notification settings.



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