Delegating Actionable Items

Actionable items will be found on the right side of the dashboard, NOT THE PIE CHART.

In a situation where a user that has been assigned to a workflow is out or for some reason unable to sign-off you would want to delegate that workflow step.  

Who you can delegate the workflow step (e-sign) depends on the other people who have been authorized to sign at the category level or workflow template.  If the delegate icon is mute, this means that this step is not able to be delegated. For a document approval, this is configured in the Document Category under "Workflow for Publishing/Retiring (optional)". There you will find a setting named "Can Step be Delegated?" This setting will need to be set to "Yes". This will ensure workflow steps can be delegated at the Document Category level. 


The next setting needed for delegating an actionable item is you need to be that workflow participants Supervisor in the Users table. See: Adding or Changing a Supervisor.

The Supervisor of the workflow participant then can:

1. Select My Direct Reports Dashboard from the dropdown in their Dashboard.

2. Click on the Signatures Needed action on the right hand side of the dashboard. Select the Documents link.

3. Identify the document and workflow that needs to be delegated in the table that loads below.

4. Then click on the delegate icon Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.18.09_AM.png

Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.16.35_AM.png Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.17.45_AM.png

5. A drop down list of authorized users (assigned within the document category workflow) will appear in a modal box.  You can then choose the user you would like to delegate to.  You know  you have successfully completed the delegation when you see this appear at the top of the page   Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_11.20.19_AM.png

6. The selected user will the be notified via their dashboard and the next daily digest that they have a signature needed.



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