Adding Quick Links

Within the ZenQMS application, you have the ability to add Quick Links to certain tables, pages, items, etc... It is easiest to think of Quick Links like bookmarks for an internet browser. These links can be conveniently accessed at any time by hovering over the  button under the  section. This article will show you how to populate this section.


1. Log into your ZenQMS account, notice the   next to "Home"

2. Navigate to a page that you would like to add as a Quick Link

- Examples include Documents: Full Table, Training: Trainee Records, etc...

3. When you are on the page, hover over the  button

4. Under the Quick Links section, click 

* Please note that not all pages or items can be added to the Quick Links section, we are constantly looking to expand on this feature so always check for adding functionality after new releases



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