Dashboard Navigation Overview


1. Training - Click the graduation or academic cap to access the Training Dashboard

2. Documents - Click the page icon to access the Documents Dashboard

3. Audits - Click the clipboard icon to access the Audits Dashboard

4. Issues - Click the yield icon to access the Issues Dashboard

5. Change Control - Click the crossing arrows icon to access the Change Control Dashboard

6. Tasks - Click the Tasks icon to access the Task Dashboard

7. Reports - Click the reports icon to access the Reports Dashboard

8. Settings - Click the gear icon to access the Change Control - Settings Overview & Issues - Settings Overview

9. Training Pie Chart - Click on the 4 pieces of the pie chart to view what trainings you have been assigned, have completed, are at risk for and are past due

10. My Dashboard Drop-Down - In this drop down you will see 3 options, My Dashboard, My Direct Reports Dashboard & My Company Dashboard

11. Quick Links - Access different modules of the app quickly by setting up Quick Links 

12. Support - Click on support to access our extensive Knowledge Base and incredibly helpful Helpdesk. See https://support.zenqms.com/

13. Your Name - This is what you click on to access Administration and to logout. See Administration

14. This column will denote any new activity, comments, signatures needed. (Does not relate to training). See Account Action Items Overview





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