The "My Direct Reports Dashboard" allows you to delegate/re-assign signatures for your direct reports and functions in a very similar manner to your Main Dashboard, but provides additional features that are not available within your own dashboard.

Reassigning Signatures for Direct Reports

1. From the Main Dashboard, select "My Direct Reports Dashboard" from the dropdown:

direct reports.png

2. On the right side click, the "" Signatures needed:

direct reports.png

3. Find the item assigned to your direct report that you would like to delegate the signature for. Click the "" button to the right of the item:


5. On the Delegate Step window, select a user from the drop-down to complete the signature. Click "ok":


Direct Reports Training Items and Status

The Pie Chart for the "My Direct Reports Dashboard" allows you to view the training profiles (including all non-compliant and compliant training records) by item across all of your direct reports in one table. 

1. Select "My Direct Reports Dashboard" from the Main Dashboard dropdown.

2. Either click the center of the pie chart to view all of the upcoming training items for your direct reports or a specific section (i.e. red, yellow, green) of the chart to view training items by user classification:

direct reports.png

3. (optional) If you would like to view ALL training records (including compliant) for your direct reports, while on your "My Direct Reports Dashboard", follow the steps covered in How to View All of Your Training Items



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