Video - Phase #4: Production Migration

Phase Overview

Phase #4 of the migration focuses on prepping the Production environment for go-live. This phase should be complete in 1-2 iterations. By the end of this phase, you will be ready for go-live. To complete Phase #3, review the section below and completing the subsequent associated task (please complete all tasks before sending the migration template). Always complete tasks within the most up to date version of the migration template. After all of the tasks have been completed, email the update migration template with your company name and the migration Phase # in the subject line to

During the migration process, if you have any questions, please email

After completing this phase, please leave a review by voting either ✓ or ✕


Table of Contents

  1. Production Migration



Production Migration

Tasks (Please complete all tasks before sending the migration template)

  1. After the migration has occurred, review the Production environment and make any changes to the migration template
  2. Send the finalized migration template to



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