Video - Phase #1: Users, Groups, Permissions

Phase Overview

Phase #1 of the migration focuses on generating the list of users that you will be bringing into the application in your account.  Once you have an idea of the users you will be adding to the account you will then move onto User Groups.  These groups will be used (and helpful) when assigning training, whether it be to an individual document or a course, or for different permissions, visibility and accessibility throughout the application.  Some clients group by role/position or by department, this is completely up to you and what suits your company best.  The 3rd tab you will see is "Permissions", this tab can be ignored for now and can be populated as you go through the process and have a better feel for the application. For these mini migrations, don't worry if it is not perfect, there will be multiple iterations as you progress through the process.  To complete Phase #1, you should start by watching each video and completing the subsequent associated task  (please complete all tasks before sending the migration template) . Always complete tasks within the most up to date version of the migration template. After all of the tasks have been completed, email the update migration template with your company name and the migration Phase # in the subject line to your implementation lead or

During the migration process, if you have any questions, email your implementation lead or


**Please Note**:

We recently updated our GUI and you will no longer see "Administration" under your user name. You will now see "Profile" listed under your user name when selecting it. This will open your own profile preferences. In addition, if you have administrative permissions, it will also open the Administration Module for you.





Process Overview


Template Purpose



Comments / Feedback Structure





Task (Please complete all tasks before sending the migration template)

  1. Fill out 10-15 additional users in the Users tab
    • If you can complete this tab easily on the first pass (limited user count, easy to pull all of the data at once, already have an export available, etc...), feel free to add all users


User Groups


Task (Please complete all tasks before sending the migration template)

  1. Add 10-15 additional items to the User Groups tab


User Group Permissions


Task (Please complete all tasks before sending the migration template)

  1. If you identify permissions that you would like certain user groups to have, update as needed
    • Your ZenQMS migration team will help you to identify potential permissions gaps based on your setup. 




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